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Mead is a "honey wine". It's wine fermented with three main ingredients: water, yeast and honey. Our honey is local, so you could almost say it's better for you!




What started as a hobby, fermenting cider and mead at home, quickly generated a buzz amongst friends and family. On a whim, in 2016 Tavarus’ wife gifted him a home brewing kit that he used to generate his first batch of honey mead which was just the beginning. Growing in popularity amongst family and friends, Tavarus continued to create batches of his specialty mead making small improvements to the recipe with every brew.


Tavarus has always enjoyed the chemistry behind the process of fermentation and has a knack for unexpected combinations that create a unique harmony of flavors. After perfecting the recipe for the Honey Mead, the Apple Cider became the newest recipe he began to experiment with. As each batch became more and more refined his wife decided that it was time to share these rare finds with the local community. On May 14, 2021 Perry Vine participated in its first public event: Junior Achievement’s Annual Wine and Beer Festival at Four Winds field in South Bend, IN. 


Our participation in this event quickly revealed that the glowing reviews from friends and family extended the broader local community. The raving comments on the Perry Vine recipes were truly a welcomed success. What started in a humble basement, has now grown into a commercial winery.


*Special Thanks: To all those who tasted our wines, left reviews, and supported us along the way. This has been no small feat and the support we've received so far has been nothing short of amazing. Be sure to check our tastings page to see where we’ll be pouring next, and for all other updates please subscribe! With continued support from the local community you will soon see us in stores!


Our Wines



Perry Vine’s Apple Cider Wine is made with the finest quality ingredients. First and foremost using our reverse osmosis filter to purify and filter the water used. The apple cider recipe is one of Tavarus' own making, carefully measured out and fermented to create the cider's rich flavor.

Our Cider is a wild wine. which means over time it will slowly continue to ferment the longer it sits. The taste  may become slightly dryer and more sparkly. Keep refrigerated.

*Can also be served warm


Honey Mead is the oldest known alcoholic beverage in the world. It pre-dates beer and other wines not by hundreds, but thousands of years. Mead isn't actually quite beer or wine, it lives somewhere in the middle and it's very diverse.

Our honey mead is fermented with pure local honey and since honey is a natural preservative, our Honey Mead smooth, natural and organic. Doesn't give you that queasiness or wine-headaches like some wines do. 

*Best Served Chilled



Peach Mead | Strawberry Mead


The cider tastes like a warm apple pie on a cool day. It's got me wanting to hear the crunch of crisp fall leaves under my feet in the fall.


The apple cider tastes like: grandmother's warm hugs on a cozy Thanksgiving day as you're sitting at the kitchen table watching her cook trying to taste everything, and the laughter and conversation of your loved ones fill the entire home all day long, then when it's time to leave you don't want to, but you take that love with you and bask in it for a lifetime...

The Honey Mead is GREAT, but the Apple Cider is just SO GOOD!

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