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Perry Vine’s Apple Cider Wine is made with the finest quality local ingredients. First and foremost taking special care to use the cleanest reverse osmosis quality water. The cider is slowly brewed for hours to get the richest flavors out of the recipe. It is then carefully measured out with a specific ratio that results in the Cider’s rich taste.


Our Honey Mead is fermented with 100% pure local honey. Throughout the aging process, honey is added in small increments giving the wine a fuller body and adding a moderately sweet taste. Honey is a natural preservative so our Honey Mead is 100% organic.

Wine Barrels

The cider tastes like a warm apple pie on a cool day. It's got me wanting to hear the crunch of crisp fall leaves under my feet in the fall.

The apple cider tastes like: grandmother's warm hugs on a cozy Thanksgiving day as you're sitting at the kitchen table watching her cook trying to taste everything, and the laughter and conversation of your loved ones fill the entire home all day long, then when it's time to leave you don't want to, but you take that love with you and bask in it for a lifetime...

The Honey Mead is GREAT, but the Apple Cider is just SO GOOD!

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